Version 20/20 Seed Sense - Precision Planting Monitoring Systems


The 20/20 SeedSense™ Monitor System gives you better information AND more information. Information that lets you actively manage your planter – and make changes that make you money.

Four reasons why you need this monitor:
  1. Find hidden mechanical problems and correct them at planting
  2. Perfect planter performance by adjusting meters, vacuum pressure, transmissions and speed
  3. Improve productivity by maximizing planter speed without compromising performance
  4. Measure and adjust down force to eliminate costly root compaction and slotting
Five things your current monitor can’t tell you:
  1. Is your down force set correctly?
  2. Are your meters running at peak accuracy?
  3. Can you go faster and not hurt planting accuracy?
  4. Is there a seed tape or debris in your meter that is causing one row to skip?
  5. Do you have enough row unit weight to achieve your desired depth?

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