Version 5400/7000 - Stalk Choppers


The double rotor rolling stalk chopper is a versitile tool with applicatons in most farming practices, from ridge-till to conventional farming. With no gearbox or U-joints to maintain, this low-maintenance tool will provide years of dependanble service.

  • Available in sizes 4 row narrow through 16 row wide...rigid or folding
  • Rugged 7x7 tool bar
  • The toolbar is filled with sand for additional weight
  • Triple seal bearings
  • Wide range of operating speeds vary from 5 to 12 MPH

  • Available with 6 front blades and 7 rear blades (comes standard with 5 front blades and 6 rear blades)
  • Chain link harrows smooth out chop marks producing a good seedbed, for ridge-till and minimum till farming
  • Available with 3 or 5 bar spiked tooth harrow
  • Gauge wheels for added depth control
  • Heavy duty tongue and transport to accomodate pull-type applications

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