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AccuAcre is an unparalleled analytical software package designed by Peak Soil Indexes (PSI). The product focuses exclusively on providing detailed analysis for agricultural land. The tools provide the foundation for the valuation needs of appraisers, assessors, realtors, investors and farmers.

AccuAcre supports PSI’s existing indexes with comprehensive analytical services more common to fixed income and equity markets. The marketplace can now make rational economic decisions, ascertained from factual, real time analysis. AccuAcre represents the fiduciary cornerstone to any due diligence involving the purchase or sale of farmland.

Analysis starts with a drill down process from Peak Soil’s generic benchmark state indexes. State values are micronized to smaller areas with district, county, and specific parcel values computed. Importantly, AccuAcre™ now allows for construction of district and county indexes. At a parcel level, algorithms add or subtract value from the state index based on individual, field-level characteristics to determine valuations. Selections can be viewed on an individual basis or in a comparative analysis vs. other subjects. Charts, tables and relative value functions are available for market value, assessed value, yield per acre, soil type, soil quality and other characteristics.

County batch data analysis functions provide a new fair-value yardstick for the assessor, appraiser and realtor. Properties listed for sale on the site, provided by licensed real estate brokers, can be quickly analyzed vs. each other, the PSI index, or other criteria. The tools are essential for the determination and verification of fair value.

Traditionally, most purchases of farmland require an appraisal. For the lender it’s a necessity. A fiduciary obligation exists for some, for others an unbiased evaluation is preferred. AccuAcre not only enhances the standalone appraisal, it provides the first index derived mark-to-market (MTM) on a per-parcel basis.

The institutionalization of farmland requires more rigorous, independent evaluations on a consistent basis. A trustee responsibility falls on private investment funds, REITs, pensions and endowments to have a source providing a legitimate, independent mark-to-market. The value of other investments is consistently documented, with an accepted mark-to-market procedure. An appraisal is different than a standardized algorithmic mark-to-market measure. Institutional investor policy should embrace the use of an unbiased, analytically derived mark-to-market mechanism. Investors in those funds should not settle for less. AccuAcre enables a mark-to-market process for farmland similar to the marking process for other less liquid investments.

AccuAcre offers many other tools for the user. Not only will values be derived from nominal references, toggle capabilities will allow the user to view generic pricing determined for any soil quality (NCCPI or CSR). From the state level down to an individual parcel, a historic basis can be calculated for comparative evaluations.

For more far-reaching searches, batch analysis capabilities are also available. This will be of particular use to county assessors who can dissect mass data across all different parameters. AccuAcre will continue to expand its tool-kit and evolve with refinements for the marketplace. :  Use of AccuAcre, data and materials is governed by the AccuAcre License Agreement (link) and the AccuAcre Terms of Use (link).  © 2016 Peak Soil Indexes, LLC, All Rights Reserved

Compare Farmland like never before

AccuAcre is a brand new way of looking at farmland. Want to compare parcel, county, or state characteristics? How about prices? Now you can compare any of the aspects of farmland that you can think of. Take a look and get started below

AccuAcre Analyst

Begin by selecting a single location. The area of interest may be a state, agricultural district, county, or even an individual parcel.

Once you have made your selection, search through price histories, land qualities, crop yields, or other relevant information. For deeper analysis choose another location to compare. Choose to compare up to 5 locations or see how land prices compare to commodities, fixed income securities, or other financial instruments.

Batch Analysis

Batch analysis functions are designed for large data analysis. Appraisers, assessors, and realtors will be able to profile properties based on desired attributes across state, district, and county boundaries. Determine the fair market price and relative value of parcels versus desired indicators. Establish a basis versus indexes with assessed values or properties for sale. Batch analysis is meant to compliment the appraisal/assessment process for vast data analytics.

Search Properties for Sale

Find properties for sale by state, county, or distance from a given point. Narrow your search by the criteria important to you. Compare up to five properties versus each other. Know what is fair value - don't undervalue your land or overpay on a purchase. AccuAcre Analyst allows each property to be evaluated against its peers with state-of-art analytics.

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