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ACSnet is a pc-based program which via the internet or another connection communicates with the ACS units allowing the user to service and monitor the pig or poultry house. The very intuitive design of the system gives you a clear overview in the daily work and ensures that the access level of each individual user balance his or her qualifications.

Tailormade solutions

ACSnet can be tailormade to fit each and every user in the organization. The individual user only has access to the functions he or she is qualified to serve. Ofcourse every user has a personal password to the system. The password automatically defines both the users’ preferred language and level of access to the ACSnet making the system extremely simple to use. At the same time the ACSnet allows for the user to “grow” with the system.  As each person becomes acquainted with the system, new access levels can be defined that allow more accessibility to the system.

More users at the same time

Once the ACSnet software is installed on your pc you have acces to all ACS controllers in the network and can distribute and gather data in this network. You can also acces the ACSnet via the internet. More users can be logged in at the same time, and as the ACS controllers work up to 16 languages simultaneously the system is accessible for almost anybody. This ensures transparency and security on all levels in the organisation.

What you see is what you get

Using the ACSnet you are guaranteed that all see on your pc is what happens in the pig or poultry house. Whenever you or anybody else make changes in the system, the program asks for a response. This safety is essential to many farmers and make them choose ACSnet in favour of many other seemingly corresponding products.

Traceability and data security

All alarms and relevant process-data are automatically logged in the ACS-database and can be found any time. Thereby all authorised persons can track any event relevant to the production. This gives enormous security in the production and at the same time eases communication between the employees in the stable, technicians and management personnel.

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