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Advanced Aquaculture Software For Integrated Fish Hatchery Management


A fish hatchery is a complex system. It includes a long range of activities ranging from the selection, collection and manipulation of brood stock and the production of live feed up to the production and harvest of larvae in the shortest time possible. All these processes are interconnected and affect each other. Failure in one of them can jeopardize the success of the entire hatchery. aquaManager provides an integrated hatchery management module that helps you make optimal use of your hatcheries, both from the economical and production point of views. It makes easy to register, control and optimise all the major parameters that affect production efficiency and fish quality.

All the information related to rearing environment (temperature, oxygen, salinity, etc.), the live feed production and the fish behaviour is easily entered into the system. This is done through “smart” screens that require minimum data entry or by using data acquisition equipment that is integrated into aquaManager.

Brood Stock Management
Track all the information related to the broodstock at population or individual fish level. Evaluate performance, improve the breeding process, ensure full traceability from egg to harvest.

  • Track fish individually by gender and/or tag ID.
  • Register transactions both at tank or fish level.
  • User-defined fish attributes.
  • User-defined attributes in every transaction.
  • Spawning registration and analysis at tank or fish level.
  • Immediate access to the history of the tank or each individual fish.
  • Management of incubation, fertilization and survival rates.
  • Graphical layout of broodstock and incubator tanks.
  • Record user-defined environmental data of broodstock and incubation process.

Live Feed Management
Efficiently control the production of live feed, register all the related transactions, gain access to real-time information, improve productivity, eliminate quality problems, unlock capacity and reduce inventory and labour costs

  • Management of algae, rotifer and artemia production
  • User defined measurements
  • All the transactions are supported
  • Batch code registration of every item used in production
  • Full traceability to item batch code level
  • Smart screens for fast data entry
  • Data entry using mobile device

Larval Rearing and Weaning
Improve control of production, reduce inventories and increase quality. aquaManager contains all you need to computerize and control all aspects of your the larvae production and puts that information at your fingertips!

  • All the information related to rearing environment, the feed consumption, the transactions and the larval behaviour is easily entered into the system.
  • The system is fully configurable, giving you great flexibility in scheduling and management of you production
  • The system ensures the complete traceability of the produced larvae, allowing you to trace products and their associated attributes backwards and forwards through the production chain – from broodsctock to live feed production, to rearing and weaning.

Production Planning
aquaManager provides advanced planning and scheduling tools to help you produce the highest possible output with the lowest possible cost, while ensuring high quality and production performance. It helps you to:

  • Reduce production plan development time
  • Improve transparency and accuracy both of the planning process as well as the resulting financial impact
  • Support decision making at any level

You may create, run and evaluate production plans at any level, i.e. group, region or site. Plans take into account production targets as well as capacity restrictions, survival rates, culturing policies, etc. – all these information are user-defined and fully configurable. aquaManager gives you the competitive edge you need– it helps you to increase efficiency, make best use of your hatchery resources, avoid mistakes, optimize inventory levels and increase profitability.

Cost Analysis
Track the cost of all items, from live feed to larvae, either finished or in production, taking into account direct and indirect costs.

aquaManager helps you to improve transparency and accuracy both of the costing process as well as the financial results. It allows you to identify trends, problems and causes and supports decision making at any level.

Inventory Management
Maximize the return on your inventory investment. Most of the items that are used in hatchery are expensive! Avoid over-purchasing or under-purchasing feed, medicine, enrichments, additives and chemicals. aquaManager helps you to figure out how much inventory you need, gain real-time visibility across your business and optimize stock levels.


  • Powerful batch code tracking utilities
  • Full traceability on all used items.
  • Support for evaluation of suppliers and products.
  • Unlimited number of inventory locations per region.
  • All kinds of transactions are supported: purchase, transfer, count, and disposal.
  • Integration with your ERP system of financial management application is possible.
  • Automatic notification when items go below attention or re-order level.

Analysis and Reporting
With all your data in one place, aquaManager makes easy to access and analyze data. It delivers a rich set of business reports, including multi-dimensional pivot tables and charts that you can customize to your needs. It helps you effectively analyze performance and take decisions at any level.

  • Generate professional business reports and attractive charts.
  • Many predefined report templates are provided.
  • All the reports that can be fully customized by the end-user.
  • Reports can be either printed or exported into standard formats.
  • All the analyses are drill-down and multi-dimensional.

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