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- Version Guia Terra - GPS Precision Navigation System


The Guia Terra GPS Precision Navigation System combines over 25 years of GPS Navigation experience, user-friendly software, and proven performance to revolutionize your Precision Farming  Operations.

The 3 key questions you need to remember when looking for a GPS Precision Farming system are:

  • How will this GPS system help increase my operations efficiency?
  • How will this GPS system help me increase my yields?
  • How will this GPS system help me to maximize my operations profit?

    Increase Efficiency

    The user friendly software was designed to resemble a mobile phone, meaning it's very inuitive, allowing you to save valuable time during the busy season.

    The 8.4' powerful touch screen display has an 18 bit brightness, which is ideal for farming operations either day or night.

    The built in USB port is conveniently placed on the side panel of the system, which lets you transfer data from your Guia Terra to a laptop, desktop or vice versa. Using AG-NAV's NavViewW softare, you can pre-plan details of your next operation at any location and simply plug in the USB stick and go.

    The built-in GPS receiver has a single and dual band option capable of recieving L-Band OmniStar, CDGPS, SBAS, GLONASS, and RTK signals. This gives you a wide range of accuracy from sub-metre to sub-centimetre, depending on the type of application you need on any given day.

    The Navigation system when used with Auto Steer and RTK technology, allows you to work longer on the field without having to battle driver fatigue.

    The system is also compatible with a number of AG-NAV’s value added technologies such as automatic steering, automatic boom control, automatic flow control, RTK technology, and Variable Rate Application software.

    The NavViewW software allows you to review your operations and create detailed reports, which come in handy when analyzing data at the end of the year.

    Increase Yields

    The accuracy of the built-in lightbar and added value technologies such as RTK and Auto Steer allow you cultivate more crops on the same amount of land, increasing revenue. You also raise healthier crops due to increased effciency.

    This GPS Navigation system has the ability to function at super slow speeds, which allows you to expand the use of GPS Guidance for various crops, which require different application practices. Crops that were harder to manage are no longer a problem.

    Multiple pattern generations such as AB, Center Pivot, Contour, and much more allow you farm every inch of your field regardless of its shape or any obstacles that might be in the way.

    Maximize Profit

    More accurate placement of your product with this GPS Navigation system allows you to reduce input costs.

    The simple combination of increasing efficiency, increasing yields and reducing input costs = MAXIMIZED PROFIT

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