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Today’s leading ag retailers need cutting-edge tools that empower their sales teams and exceed customer expectations. Trimble Ag Software introduces revolutionary farm customer relationship management (CRM) tools and tracking capabilities that allow retailers to focus on revenue growth, while their sales agronomists discover new ways to boost the productivity and profitability of their farm customers.

CRM for retailers is about more than recording phone calls and emails, it is about truly understanding your farmers’ businesses at the field level. Once your staff understands a farmer’s crop rotations, soil fertility profiles and yield goals, the task of presenting the best products at the right time becomes much easier — and it all starts with a platform that can capture that data via simple mobile interactions that don’t slow down your staff.

Are your precision agriculture specialists struggling to scale? Trimble Ag Software offers one simple platform advisors are using today to manage their entire precision process. From start to finish, you can now stay in one simple tool, saving vital hours while enabling your experts to serve more farmers.

Mobile CRM Tracking

Customer relationship management (CRM) is critical for your ag retail business. Trimble’s CRM feature makes it easier to stay on top of client needs, strengthening your business relationships and driving sales. Customer agricultural data is transformed into valuable intel that results in accurate recommendations and measurable savings. Sales agronomists are empowered to offer the right products at the right time, delivering better service levels than ever before to your best farm customers.

Precison Agriculture Advisor Tools

Today’s leading ag retailers feel stuck. They find themselves delivering more precision agriculture services with the same old set of tools. It’s not unusual for these expert advisors to use five or six different software tools to build precision plans, prescriptions and controller files. Enter Trimble Ag Software — which offers one simple platform advisors are using today to manage their entire precision ag process.

Trimble’s Ag Software platform is more than a tool, it is a Recommendation Engine. From creating management zones to customizing variable rate application maps, no other solution can provide the efficiency, power and reliability of Trimble.

Inventory Forecasting

Retail margins are tighter than ever, with no end in sight. This puts added pressure on your ability to place early product orders and capture the best discounts. In today’s retail markets the top 10% of farm customers are responsible for nearly 90% of the product purchases. Having a better — and quicker — understanding of how these top farm operators are approaching the coming year allows you to accurately forecast product needs. Stop guessing and start measuring, and watch your margins grow.

ERP Integration

From payments to inventory, ERP systems run your retail business. At Trimble, we have a professional services team that will make sure that the CRM and precision ag services work is integrated so that you are confident the information you are using is up to date and reliable. From simple CSV format exports to real-time EDI connections, Trimble’s professional service team has you covered.

Easy Agricultural Data Migration

For years now, your staff has been using multiple systems for multiple purposes. As you move to Trimble Ag Software there is no reason to fear the loss of data. Our professional services team can work with you to make sure we are saving and using every bit of data possible.  Automating data migration means that your business continues to run on modern software, enabling your teams to work on mobile devices and sell more product, without the loss of historical records.

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