AgCode, Inc.

- Management Companies and FLC


AgCode’s labor collection and pay rule engine is the center point for any agriculture task. From planning to completion, it is the most effective and efficient tool for collecting, processing, and billing labor. AgCode delivers labor collection and complex pay rule processing for farm management and labor contractor companies. Adaptive grower tools keep you and your clients up to date on the status of production activities and resource usage. Tailored billing solutions bring accurate and timely invoicing with the level of detail your customers expect.

Equipped with our advanced Payrule Engine for complex premium and overtime rules

Customized billing procedures allow for accurate and timely Invoicing to your customers

Equipment Tracking
Track and bill your equipment usage cost by location, activity, personnel, and runtime hours

Pest Control
Plan and record pesticide usage compliant to local regulations, complete with PUR capabilities

Havest & Scale
Cover all aspects of your harvest including scheduling, weighing, maturity collection & distribution

Field Inspection
Track seed genetics at a product package level through your warehouse to grower to field

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