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The AgEagle RX48 is a durable, lightweight and a professional-grade drone. The electric-powered motor is capable of 45 to 50 minutes of flight covering 200 - 300 acres per flight depending upon winds. The RX48 captures aerial NIR /NDVI aerial maps and is an ideal solution for day-to-day image acquisition for precision agriculture growers and agronomists. If you need to map more than 300 acres - no problem! Simply land, swap batteries and continue mapping. It is possible to map a few thousand acres per day with the AgEagle.

Real-Time, In-Field Sustainability & Crop Health Analytics

AgEagle combines the industry's leading multi-spectral sensor technologies, mounted on our rugged, high performance fixed wing drones, with innovative and intuitive cloud- and web-based flight software, to effortlessly capture thousands of high resolution, sophisticated images while in-flight. 

We then leverage cutting-edge data analytics solutions to rapidly process, stitch and analyze the collected aerial imagery -- either in real-time during flight with cellular connectivity or post-flight on any Internet-enabled device -- to produce in-depth sustainability reports and prescription maps.

Further, our detailed prescription map data can be directly imported to a variable rate application system for precision application of irrigation, fertilizers and chemicals.

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