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It's easier to run your farm when you have the right information. With AgExpert Analyst accounting software, enter income and expenses, track inventory and capital assets, complete reports and prepare financial statements – hassle free. AgExpert Analyst includes one year of product updates.

AgExpert Analyst accounting software makes it easier for you to manage your farm finances. Perfect for all types of agricultural producers, you can use as much or as little of the program as you need.

Quick setup and customization

Get up and running with step-by-step datafile setup. AgExpert Analyst presets cover all Canadian agriculture commodities so you can create a chart tailored for your operation. Start with the basics and build from there.

GST processing and returns

Calculate GST (and PST), print a return, generate a report and process and post it to the appropriate account. AgExpert Analyst also calculates GST on purchases and sales – right from the transaction window.

AgriStability reporting

Keep track of AgriStability program requirements like GST, inventory, inputs and receivables/payables. Regulatory reports include the AgriStability T1273 Statement A, Supplementary Report and T2042. And, if there are any report updates or new information, you’ll get them.

Farm-specific inventory

Enter production information for any type of commodity – crop or livestock. It’s helpful for management purposes or to compile information for regulatory programs like AgriStability.


Save time using the built-in payroll register for full manual payroll capability. The automated payroll module calculates all Revenue Canada source deductions.

Capital asset management

Unique to AgExpert Analyst, track all capital assets to maintain a detailed Capital Assets Listing.


Manage more efficiently with over 35 reports including income and expenses, balance sheet, net worth statement, general ledger and financial ratio.

Management accounting 

Track income and expenses by each individual enterprise on a farm. And the best thing is that Enterprise accounting can be set up any time.

Adjustments and year-end 

Happy accountant, happy life. Create a file for your accountant and one for yourself – you work on one version while your accountant makes adjustments to another. When it’s finished, your accountant sends back the file for you to import.

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