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Use autonomous drone flights to scout your acres more efficiently and use data to make better in-season decisions on the spot.

Included in your Crop Copter AgriBundle:

Yield Engine

Accurate yield and harvest-timing forecasts months in advance.

Hail Events

Customized alerts for each of your fields when hail occurs. The Hail Events tool helps you understand the overall impact.

Nutrient Engine

Reach your yield potential with nitrogen and phosphorus availability forecasts.

Spray Smart

Minimize off-target movement and increase efficacy of spray applications.

Field Story

Record the story of your fields: operations, inputs, planting, and scouting notes.

Pest Engine

Receive alerts for increased weed, disease or insect pressure on specific fields.

Tractor Time

14-day forecasted soil conditions to plan your operations.

Air & Space

View drone flight results and damage grids field-by-field and plan the best data collection missions 3 days out.

My Maps

See where fields fit into the big picture with full screen, high-resolution maps.

My Summary

An easy-to-use dashboard of alerts built to keep all of your field information in one spot.

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