Land-Based Assets, Agricultural Data Module



As the global climate changes and presents risks to land-based assets, agricultural data needs to be more robust and harvests protected against threats.

While there will always be some variation in annual yields, things like weather, soil condition, water stress and air quality can be accurately measured and applied to your crops to make them more resilient to risk.

A wide range of approaches are being tested and applied to adapt agriculture to climate change around the world. Ecometrica’s spatial data labs are being used to generate and share information between agri-business, investors, governments and researchers, and are generating future scenarios, changes to viable production areas and adaptation mechanisms.

Current commercial and public applications include:

  • Future viability of brewing crops in E. Africa (commercial client)
  • Risks of agrochemical runoff in Mato Grosso, Brazil (commercial client)
  • Future Agriculture – Forest – Climate Interactions (University of Edinburgh and University of Leicester)
  • Uptake of biomass energy crops by UK Farmers (E.On, SRUC)

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