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Both time and resources cost money. Therefore it is essential to know exactly how much time is spent on each assignment and how many resources are used. For a farmer repairs, construction work, use of machinery and maintenance all represent a cost. But how much? Agrinavia TIME can help you calculate your costs, and guide you to how much should be invoiced.

Agrinavia TIME

Is it important to you to know how you and your employees spent time and resources? Then Agrinavia TIME is the efficient and sustainable choice.

Do you share machines and implements with your neighbors, you can print reports showing how much each party has used the equipment. This gives you a concise basis for your transfer.

Are you an agricultural contractor, performing machine work, you can calculate your cost of the individual task of each customer. This means that you can continuously check whether your billing rates are correct.

When entries are made in Agrinavia TIME, you can print the data with different approaches. This lets you see the total hourly and machine usage at a particular location, activity or a customer.

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