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- Advanced Agronomic Management and Agricultural Decision Support System Software

AgriTask is an advanced agronomic management and agricultural decision support system that serves both private growers, and regional and state level agricultural authorities, helping them to improve food security and farmer profitability, food safety, environmental protection and the stability of the agricultural supply to the markets.

The system is based on a proprietary cellular field reporting solution, field and meteorological sensors data acquisition, and a comprehensive real time geographical task management SaaS platform. AgriTask is a unique real-time agricultural geographic platform, outstanding in both its comprehensiveness, best - practice dissemination capabilities, easiness of implementation in any corner of the world, and its open architecture that has been designed for encompassing any future agricultural related activity.

AgriTask success in serving any crop growth scenario, intuitiveness of use, and immediately visible benefits have lead to immediate system acceptance by customers; implementing AgriTask at a new client anywhere in the world, is simple and easy, and it has been proven successful even without visiting the client; the system is capable of providing results in a project within about a week from starting its deployment.

AgriTask's Software-as-a-Service web based approach frees farmers from the hassle of installing and maintaining software packages and provides an affordable solution to associations of small and medium farms - the majority of world farms. The system saves time and paper work for managers and agronomists, allowing them to manage wider areas and provide growers with higher quality decisions support based on educated predictions about future risks, whose reliability can be hardly or impossible to be matched without AgriTask analytics and real time algorithmic tools.

AgriTask aggregates and computerizes agronomic experience, and provides analytics that serve managers and agronomists to develop and improves best practices for reducing food safety and security risks and improving profitability. The system's flexible architecture allows fast and simple implementation of locally adapted or developed pest prediction and crop management algorithms of high economic and environmental impact.

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