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A fully relational data collection application running on MS Windows® based tablets for use with AGROBASE Generation II. Making data collection easier allowing you to focus on developing the next royalty-paying variety.


  • Experiments and nurseries can be loaded onto the tablet, edited in the field or greenhouse and then seemlessly syncronized back to the AGROBASE Generation II database.

  • MS.NET®-based application with MS SQL-Server Express® database.

  • Store, edit and update hundreds of experiments and nurseries.

  • Controlled application and database access using the same user accounts and passwords you are used to in AGROBASE Generation II(SQL).

  • A high-level of user-customization and two data editing methods.

Data Access

  • Touch, tap, drag and drop...with all the features of the operating system.

  • Access the AGROBASE database directly to syncronize data with your tablet, without opening AGROBASE Generation II® (SQL)

  • Quickly download experiments, nurseries and planting plan sites from AGROBASE databases.

  • Store many experiments and nurseries in the tablet - limited only by the tablets' internal memory.

  • Synchronize one, many or all experiments and nurseries with a single action.

Data Editing

  • Edit data in spreadsheet view or individual plot view.

  • Add traits to experiments and nurseries.

  • Take digital photos of plots, an experiment or a nursery for upload to the database.

  • Filter and sort data.

  • Group data by any field for easier editing.

  • Remembers the last-used experiment or nursery and loads it automatically the next time you start the application.

  • Quickly customize the column displayed in the spreadsheet view by dragging columns out of the grid to hide them.

  • Enhanced editing features embedding into the virtual keyboard.

  • Information header displays important information for the current experiment or nursery.

  • Navigation buttons to move to the previous plot, the next plot, the previous range and the next range.

  • Customize the spreadsheed font and display colours to improve visibility in high light conditions.

Tablet Requirements
We have received many requests for recommendations of a Windows-based tablet for AGROBASE Tablet®. While we cannot recommend any specific tablet because user’s needs vary, hardware changes and the Windows tablet market is forever changing, however the minimum specifications to run AGROBASE Tablet® are:
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (Home, Standard, Enterprise, Professional, Ultimate, but NOT RTM)
  • Minimum dual core Processor
  • Minimum 1 GB hard disk drive
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Most tablets have both WIFI and LAN connection and sometimes 3G, 4G -- any of these connections can upload and download to the central SQL Server.

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