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Agronomix Software, Inc., has developed a data link to the open source R statistical software , used increasingly worldwide. We have developed this link in response to the requests from our users worldwide. To use this powerful statistical software with AGROBASE Generation II, the user must first download R from their desired CRAN (, install on their computer or server since it is not at all distributed with AGROBASE Generation II. With our documentation, our users can establish the link with AGROBASE Generation II. We have developed R-scripts for the statistic analysis of a number of experimental designs, including multi-location and multi-year, especially when the data is more unbalanced. While AGROBASE Generation II has its own suite of statistical analyses, this link to R provides access to more advanced statistical analyses for our users. This link offers some exciting possibilities for agronomists, plant breeders, and plant scientists.

Access to REML, mixed model and other advanced analyses for users of AGROBASE Generation II. Recent research in biometrics has shown the advantages of such analyses – now AGROBASE Generation II users can benefit from these analyses and have the resulting entry or factor means stored automatically, seamlessly, in AGROBASE Generation II. There are more and more packages being released each year with statistical analyses and tools. This will save a lot of time and effort, and is much more efficient than using the means import facility in AGROBASE Generation II.THE BENEFITS OF THIS SOFTWARE LINK ARE SIGNIFICANT, AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:

User-developed scripts to more fully harness the capabilities of R. AGROBASE users are not limited to the R scripts provided by Agronomix Software. For users who are more adept at R and can write their own scripts, then with a few modifications regarding data transfer they can extend the analytical capabilities of AGROBASE for their own benefit.

Relational storage of field trial and plant breeding data together with advanced biometrics. R users who would like to ‘warehouse’ all their research data in a fully relational software system and not worry about managing many files now can benefit from AGROBASE Generation II in an efficient and direct manner. This will undoubtedly improve the productivity of R users. If you do not installed R on your computer, or not that familiar with R, please see the R web site at R-Project.

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