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- Data Follow-up Field Level Software


Information coming from each field enables much deeper and serious analysis than information from the sector level. Important details always lie in the depth of the field.

The field, the section of land…

… the basis of agricultural production is fix, always remains at the same place. We know what kind of weedage grows in which of its corner, we know its imperfections. We like it when we have worked its soil in spring, we love to examine the evenness of hatching on it, however, we truly embosom it when we look at its most beautiful parts from a combine harvester, and it makes profit.

Advantages and practical examples

One of the advantages of AgroVIR system is that irrespective of the number of parts on a field or how production varies on it, we need to record data only once.

Production year-handling of each field
It manages production years (not only calendar years, as it is obvious) for each field. A familiar situation: on one of my fields I have already harvested and now I'm cultivating the soil, whereas on the other one there is still wheat there, on the third I've already finished with second seeding.

How much real life requires

In a certain year as many different cultures within a number of fields as real life requires – which is reality

Cultivating more sections of land together

There are more sections of my land in the unified application for subsidy - which depends on land size -, but I actually cultivate them as one field. At the same time, I don’t need to increase the number of my sections of land, because the programme handles this situation.

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