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- Fifth Generation Agronomic Data Management Software


AgStudio, the central tool within the MapShots’ suite of products, is a fifth generation agronomic data management software application. AgStudio provides a high degree of task automation, simplifying working with large volumes of data.

AgStudio supports a logical workflow from Automating Soil Testing to facilitating the generation of Variable Rate Fertility and Variable Rate Seeding recommendations. AgStudio has stood the test of time with businesses across the US and offers an extremely flexible and customizable product to fit your needs.

AgStudio is the right solution for farmers by allowing them to take control of their personal agricultural data and analyze the data to make effective business decisions. AgStudio also meets the needs of agricultural service providers and retailers who understand the importance of a complete, easy to use data management software application that is designed for the present and the future. Working with your customers and their needs is simple with AgStudio. You can get more work done, in less time, and offer solid recommendations to your customers.

  • Basic Features
    • Automate crop record keeping
    • Manage multiple field boundary sets
    • Create reports to simplify crop insurance management
    • Maintain lease and rental agreements
    • Record scouting observations
    • Enhanced GIS\mapping components
  • Soil Test Automation
    • Soil sample planning, collection, and analysis
    • Print lab specific Bag Labels and Submittal Sheets
    • Deliver work orders wirelessly to iOS soil sampling application
    • Lab results automatically downloaded and reports available
  • Variable Rate Seeding
    • Specify what to plant where
    • Build recommendations for one field or in batch mode
    • Adjust recommendations for irrigation and/or test strips
    • Export recommendations to common field devices
  • Variable Rate Fertility
    • Optimize inputs by creating your own prescriptions
    • Convert nutrient recommendations to product formulations
    • Export recommendations directly to common field devices
    • Get reports to ensure you are applying the right amount of product at the right time
  • Harvest
    • Track harvest yields for each field
    • Mange inventory, dispersals, loads, and contracts
    • Display harvest inventories per entity
    • Input harvest data on the go
  • Irrigation
    • Draw or import pivots
    • Manage Variable Rate Seeding based on irrigation zones
    • Manage Variable Rate Fertility based on irrigation zones
    • Advanced Multi-Yead Yield Analysis for Dry and Irrigated Areas
  • Third-Party Cloud Integration Features
    • Manage data from all equipment with common file formats
    • Integrate data wirelessly
    • Access data remotely on your tablet
    • Manage field imagery data
    • Manage irrigation pivots
    • View weather data within your farms and fields

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