- Operator App uses GPS Web-based Technology


AgSync’s Operator app uses gps web-based technology to provide electronic work orders for ag pilots and ground operators. The app also helps the office by linking the assets and personnel in the field back to the office thru the AgSync online interface. Agribusinesses can know in real time the status of the work orders whether in-process or completed, and track the assets for easy asset management.

The Operator app is a great aerial and ground applicator tool for communicating personnel position, notification of field activity, and application records.

Ground applicators, aerial applicators, tender operators and loaders can view and arrange the days work on their mobile devices. Crop protection work orders can be viewed by staging or plant location and users can reassign work to other personnel to assist if necessary.

  • Work orders categorized by staging location and task.
  • Choose between multiple application accounts.
  • Filter by My Work, Unassigned, & Other Assigned.
  • Show Lat, Lon, and PLSS on tasks & orders.
  • View total acres, and total acres remaining on tasks.
  • Product totals by tasks and work orders.
  • Direction and distance pointer on task rows.
  • Navigation to field.

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