- Version Agri 4.0 - Agriculture Farm Management Software


If you are a cultivator, we will help you farm smarter, improve your farm’s productivity and increase your earnings by helping you sell your produce better.

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  • First I'll assign an Agent 4.0 -our Cyber-Physical liaison to assist you on the ground for the next 90 days.
  • Our Agent 4.0 is testing the soil and arriving at the basal dose of fertilizers along with our data scientists. Not all our scientists are humans though.
  • Let's start with assigning the most suitable crop for this batchbased on my weather and market forecast. My Predictive Supply Engine will seamlessly synchronise your farm-supply with market-demand to maximise your price realisation.
  • A 90-day schedule is prepared, and your farm's data is loaded onto my Cloud Suite.
  • Congrats, you've become a Smart Farmer. Now you've got friends.
  • Your land needs to be prepared for the crop. Let's start there first!
  • We're entering 'Precision Agriculture' now. Listen carefully. Use the exact basal dose that I prescribe for your farm.

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