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The apiary industry is one of complex and interrelated industries operate, due to the many challenges faced by growers and Beekeeping organizations. Need for processing information and make critical decisions in real time make the use of information systems for the purpose of my existence.

Software house specializing in the construction of computerized solutions for the various agricultural industries developed a system that allows managing the processes of growth, from the hives for individual, group managing hives to the overall organization of the groups hundreds of hives.

The system allows Beekeeping to control and supervise what happens in the beehives on a daily basis, to identify anomalies and to correct them in real – time, ensuring more efficient work processes.

The organizational Control Center monitors and supervises by remote control follow events in a single apiary, the ability to make a layout map from hundreds of components from hives at the same time and the ability to control the distribution of various apiary enterprise resources.

The system allows connection to external controllers using modern sensors and receives data such as temperature; weight, etc. directly to the apiary can be located thousands of kilometers from the organization.

Our customers in the beehives sector testify to the benefits of the system:

  • The system works using the 'cloud' model SAAS service through the Internet only.
  • The system is easy to implement (needs a browser and Internet connection only) and to operate and does not require knowledge and experience in using computers.
  • Beekeeping beehives have a fast and easy access to current information anywhere, anytime.
  • The system provides accurate data at any given moment calculations, on all the apiary
  • The system allows comparing the hives in the various regions, linguistic factors to test performance, etc.
  • The system allows tracking deployment, account management, collection monitoring and creating various reports.

System users benefit from easy and convenient access to professional databases, including:

  • Data infrastructure Including Layout from hives, coverage areas, monitoring procedures, total visits to the group, total sugar, total hives were washed, the royal race dates, honey flow, yield of pollen and more.

  • The system can perform regular daily registration of data collected apiary, including weights, temperature, total honey crop, etc...

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