- Cultivation and Financial Management System


Field crops form the basis of human nutrition. As the world's population continues to expand, so does the need to develop technologies that increase agricultural output. Israel has, since its founding, focused on agriculture. Facing challenges such as restricted space, a desert climate, population growth, and a desire not to be reliant on imports, Israel has become a world leader and center for knowledge on and development of improved species and new and innovative cultivation methods. AKCrops is a completecultivation and financialmanagement system that allows farmers to track all the crop growing stages as well as to carry out comprehensive pricing of both plots and crops.

  • Management of the physical infrastructure: main crop, secondary crops, species, crop rotation and land plots.
  • Management of work teams in the field, and management and control of work tools and of vehicle and tractor fleets.
  • Management of crop cultivation processes including crop spraying, irrigation, application of fertilizers, etc.
  • Procurement management: management of stocks, suppliers, customers and contractors.
  • Pest monitoring, soil tests, and provision of information on crop development on land plots.
  • Measurement and comparison of seasonal results and performance by crop, species, plot, etc.
  • Management of pricing on a current basis: delivery notes, invoices, deductions, revenues and expenses, and cash flow management.
  • Marketing, receiving orders, packing produce, tracking deliveries, generating delivery notes, etc.
  • Generation of detailed reports.

Advantages of AKCrops

  • Easy and quick adoption, avoiding delays in cultivation, production and delivery.
  • User friendly and rapid response times.
  • More efficient and more cost effective crop cultivation.
  • Profit and loss statement per crop and per land plot.
  • Facilitates informed decision-making.

AKCrops interfaces to external applications including: land mapping system, set of graphs, and links up to irrigation controllers for accurate automation, and to hand-held terminals, etc.

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