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Olive oil is considered to have unique health benefits and is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Consumption of olive oil has been on the rise in recent years, and it has enjoyed a major revival in Israel and worldwide. AKOL, which specializes in the development of computerized systems for the agricultural and food sectors, has developed AKOil for computerized management of olive orchards and oil presses, including real-time control of olive cultivation and oil production processes. AKOil tracks olive growers by geographic area, and documents treatment administered according to plot and species. AKOil also manages production processes in oil presses, and tracks stocks in tanks, drums, as well as filled bottles and packagings. In addition, AKOil documents production processes in full, the composition and structure of the oil, the costs, and more.

AKOil features:

  • Control of the olive growing process and management of production.
  • Tracking of yields of different species, on all land plots.
  • Tracking of olive ripening and other agro-technical data.
  • Planning of the production procedures and schedules.
  • Management of laboratory tests.
  • Management of the history of olive oil production and its composition.
  • Issue of alerts in the event of anomalies.
  • Management and tracking of stocks.
  • Generation of reports including Excel tables.

The system is available in two versions:

  • ERP version for large oil presses.
  • A boutique version for small oil presses.

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