- Poultry Management System

The poultry industry is one of the most complicated and complex sectors to run because of the multi faceted challenges faced by breeders' organizations, slaughterhouses and poultry farmers. The need to process large quantities of information and take rapid real-time decisions makes the use of information systems vital. The system allows poultry farmers to supervise and control what happens in the henhouses on a daily basis, to identify anomalies and to correct them in real-time, ensuring more efficient work processes. The organizational control center monitors and supervises by remote control events in each individual henhouse, produces a breeding map on the basis of data obtained from hundreds of henhouses simultaneously, and controls the distribution of the organization's resources among the various henhouses. The system also connects to external controllers such as temperature controls, humidity controls, and feed controllers, etc.

  • The system is easy to adopt and operate and does not require prior knowledge or previous experience with computers.
  • Poultry farmers have quick and easy access to current information anywhere, anytime.
  • Accurate data and calculations at any given moment, for the entire brood and for parts of it.
  • Comparisons between broods in a henhouse and the ability to easily check the reasons for variance in performance.
  • Control over transmission of data on breeding in the cooperative.
  • Monitoring of deliveries, management of invoices, tracking of collection, and generation of various reports.

  • Infrastructure data, including henhouses, areas, types of compound feed, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, suppliers, etc.
  • With the system, data collected on a current basis from the henhouses can be recorded, including weight, temperature, water consumption, fertility and hatching rates, feed consumption, etc.

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