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The Alberding Ntrip Caster is a high performance Ntrip broadcaster software developed for GNSS infrastructure operators and real-time service providers. It can be used to collect GNSS data from hundreds of reference stations and provide corrections to thousands of simultaneously listening clients via the Internet. Software configuration, service management and monitoring could not be easier, thanks to the user-friendly web interface. The 'nearest base' option of the Alberding Ntrip Caster software will automatically select the nearest healthy reference station to the user. This functionality greatly improves the reliability of a correction service and is especially useful for kinematic applications, such as agricultural machine auto-steering.

With the help of the “subadmin” feature it is possible to set up multiple services using only a single software instance. The Alberding Ntrip Caster supports multiple domain names, ports and sourcetables.

The Ntrip Caster plays an important role in real-time correction services. Monitoring the availability of the Caster server and each individual Ntrip mountpoint is therefore a basic task for service providers. Alberding GmbH offers professional solutions for Ntrip monitoring.

Alberding GmbH provides GNSS hardware manufacturer independent solutions. Our Alberding DataConv software can convert real-time GNSS correction data streams from one format to another. With our help you will be able to support all your customers, no matter what colour their receiver is.

We offer the Alberding Ntrip Caster software licence for sale but can also provide the Caster as a service. Alberding GmbH operates high-quality dedicated servers in a secure server farm in Germany and can set up an Ntrip Caster service for you very quickly. If you are not familiar with Linux servers or do not want to worry about server operation and maintenance, the Ntrip Caster service may be the right choice for you.

  • GNSS receiver manufacturer independent solution.
  • Designed for mass usage.
  • User friendly web interface.
  • Nearest base station auto selection.
  • Subadmin access: one system - multiple services.
  • Supports Ntrip 2.0 (better handling of proxy servers, firewalls, ...).
  • UDP support.
  • Rebroadcasting of data from other casters.
  • Support of multiple ports.
  • Virtual casters.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Minimal latency times.
  • Multiple control options and restrictions for user access.
  • Configurable without connection aborts.

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