Realtime Aquaculture

- Digital Receiver Software


The aquaHub is the core of the system deployed in the field. It detects underwater acoustic communications from nearby aquaMeasure sensors (DO, SAL, POD) and transmits the data to the cloud. The hub consists of a digital receiver (miniRX) and communications modem that is housed in a rugged, waterproof and weather resistant box that can be attached to any form of polar circle or feed barge. Generally a single wireless hub placed in a central location is sucient to monitor an entire farm site. The hub consists of a digital receiver, hydrophone, and communications modem. Data is sent to the hub through the water and stored in internal memory for backup purposes. An IP based modem is used to synchronize data with the cloud. The aquaHub supports many telemetry protocols for cloudcommunicatinos including Cellular, Wifi and Iridium. The wireless hub also logs diagnostic data including water temperature, battery voltage, and hydrophone tilt (angle).

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