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In the aquaculture industry, making the right decisions about production cost, quality and scheduling at the right time can mean the difference between profit and loss. But tomorrow may be too late. To control your production process for maximum profitability, you must be able to respond correctly to a wide range of production realities right now, in real-time.

aquaManager provides you that kind of control. It is a comprehensive, integrated fish farming software for optimizing your entire production process, reduce costs and improve the management of your company.

aquaManager provides unprecedented visibility and control over the full range of variables driving the success of your production process—cost, quality, volume, scheduling, and profitability—as they occur. You’ll understand what is happening,why it’s happening, as it happens. By giving you the power to control the variables that control your production process,aquaManager will:

  • Reduce costs by enabling production managers (in farm or hatchery) to view, analyze and control costs during the production. It is well known that in aquaculture industry almost 80% of the production costs are in the hands of the farm manager.
  • Improve product quality by analyzing all the factors contributing to fish health and growth and identifying problems as they arise
  • Improve scheduling by providing immediate feedback on plan performance
  • Increase efficiency and utilization throughout the site, and beyond

aquaManager is a comprehensive, integrated solution for improved efficiency in aquaculture industries.

It is a complete fish farming software that supports all stages of fish production, from hatchery up to fish growth.

It is a trusted solution!

  • 12 years on the market
  • Used by some of the largest aquaculture companies in the world (e.g. Nireus, Dias, Andromeda, AgroMey and Kilic groups)
  • Can efficiently manage very high data volumes
  • Highly optimized, efficient algorithms

Technologically state of the art!

Uses state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide superior performance, usability and maintainability:

  • Parallel programming (equals better performance!)
  • Microsoft .net framework, version 4
  • Entity Framework for data access
  • Synchronization Framework. Comprehensive synchronization platform enabling remote sites to effectively synchronize data with the central database , even if they are connected over slow networks. Ideal solution for groups of companies.
  • Data warehouse for business intelligence reports
  • Attractive user interface with themes and skins

It is based on a very efficient, open, layered architecture.

  • Multi-tier: Separate Data Layer, Business Layer, User Interface
  • All the application logic exists in the Business Layer.
  • Provides API – allows access from any device
  • Supports integration with ERP systems

Because all the application logic exists in the business layer, it is easy to modify existing forms or develop new forms and reports that provide a more productive interface to the end user.

It's Balanced

aquaManager gives you great balance between functionality and ease of use. No need to sacrifice in features. Our user interface design is able to deliver loads of functionality without confusing the user. Users familiar with the concept adopt it from the first use and beginners get hold of the interface with no effort.

  • Process-oriented, simple to operate.
  • User-friendly, attractive, user interface.
  • Incorporates many time saving features
  • Only few fields are mandatory in each screen


Very competitive price, compared with similar products.


  • Back-office integration (ERP systems and financial applications)
  • Highly customizable – all screens and reports can be changed by the user.
  • Works the way you work.
  • Modern and attractive user interface. Users can change skins and colors!

aquaManager is a powerful and easy to use aquaculture software, designed to offer all the advantages of the new technologies to the end-user. It is extremely user-friendly and can be used by your company staff immediately, without extensive and costly training.

It provides a practical and effective solution to the following business needs:

  • Improved operational efficiency. Quick and easy input of all production data (environment data, feeding, mortalities, transactions, etc.). Everybody, from managers to farm workers, are able to find exactly the information they need in order to take better decisions and do their job in the best possible way. 
  • Lower production costs, increased profitability. The system helps you to continuously and effectively control all the major cost drivers of your production process. For example, you know at any time if the fish growth and mortalities are within acceptable levels or if the selected feeding policy gives you the expected results. In this way you are able to continuously make adjustments to your production and achieve the best results. In addition, the provided planning and control tools support you to make best use of your resources. All these mean lower costs and higher quality. aquaManager helps you improve your profitability in the short term and maintain improved efficiency in the long term.
  • Improved management of the site, day-to-day control of all production parameters.
  • Timely identification of production problems or trends.
  • Inventory control. With the push of a button, aquaManager provides accurate and online information on the inventory of all items (food, medicine, nets). The information is provided at any level i.e. group, area or production unit (farm or hatchery).
  • Optimization of purchasing policy and stock levels.  Raw materials (e.g. food) are ordered and delivered based on accurate production plans and not on aggregated means or rough estimations. Immediate and precise overview of feed demand in any date range.
  • Production planning that result in the best (from biological and financial points of view) outcome.
  • Reduced management costs, less mistakes. aquaManager allows your production managers to save time, reduce manual paper work and increase efficiency
  • Better services to your customers. Immediate and documented reply to complaints. Quality certificates with information gathered during the lifetime of the fish.
  • Management support for decision-making. aquaManager gives you full control at farm, region or group levels.
  • Development of a knowledge base with valuable information on fish growth and quality, best practices, growth policies and environmental data. 

aquaManager delivers significant benefits, without significant disruption. It is a unique aquaculture software, yet practical and user-friendly. It is designed to accommodate existing workflow processes— enabling users to keep doing what they are already doing, with even greater results.

Accurate production planning is critical to the efficiency and profitability of your aquaculture business. To be successful, you need to source the right fry and produce the right amounts to meet customer expectations while optimizing fish growth and purchasing policies. aquaManager translates your sales forecasts and historical consumption data into reliable production plans, reducing costs and improving the accuracy of your planning

aquaManager provides a powerful and easy-to-use production planning solution that quickly produces accurate schedules. It allows you  to createrun and evaluate production plans and select the most efficient ones.  

This can be done at any level, i.e. groupregion or fish farm. Plans are based on your marketing strategy and take into account the most recent production information.  By comparing production plans you are able to take the best decisions concerning stocking, feeding and harvesting of the fish.

For each plan, the system automatically calculates the biomass that will be produced, the required food, the costs (food, fry, general costs, etc.) and the expected income.

The planning is based on company specific data including either predicted or observed environmental parameters, food conversion (FCR) rates, mortality rates, estimated harvest dates, etc.  The user defines the length of the planning period.
Powerful visual tools are provided to help you analalyze each plan (e.g.  fish growth, food comnumption, harvests).

aquaManager planning is reliable and easy to use. It helps you to

  • Focus on the important details
  • Create accurate, real-time plans that your whole company can rely on
  • Cut costs by significantly reducing inventories and optimizing fish growth 
  • Make informed decisions with full understanding of their impact
  • Accurately predict the materilas (food, fry) required for each plan  
  • Monitor and assess performance
  • Adjust and respond to production changes quickly and easily

auaManager is the only aquaculture software makes the complex task of production planning easy. It enables you to become far more proactive and make accurate planning decisions using clear, well presented information.

As profit margins and customers become more demanding, control of feed costefficient grow of the fish and disease prevention become critical factors for competitiveness.

Good production management by a firm will lower costs, improve efficiency and ensure production can meet customer demand. On the other hand, in order to be applicable, it has to be fast and easy.

AquaManager our integrated fish farming software, provides quick and easy registration of all daily activities:

  • Feeding Mortality
  • Stock input
  • Harvest
  • Transfer (all types like grading, splitting, merging)
  • Sampling
  • Vaccination/Treatment
  • Environmental parameters
  • etc.

This is done through a very powerful, yet practical and user friendly interface. Multiple feed types may be registered per cage and date as well as multiple mortality causes.

The system incorporates many time saving features such as copy feeding transactions from feeding regime or from a previous date, default attributes (for example, default mortality cause), etc. in order to make the daily registration quick and easy.

Based on the actual production data, the system is able to provide a full overview of the site, region or group status in tabular or graphical formats.

It also provides advanced reporting and analysis facilities and a comprehensive set of pre-defined production reports, with drilldown and aggregation functionalities. It is very easy to

  • group and filter the information (e.g. region, fish-farm, stock, species, cage levels)
  • have immediate access to cage details like FCR, cumulative food consumed, cumulative mortalities
  • access the complete cage history
  • do a quick plan

Calculation of suggested daily feeding. This can be done for a single day or for a time period. In the latter case, results (i.e. suggested food type quantity) can be grouped by cage, lot, day or food category and then printed, extracted to Excel or copied to clipboard. 

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