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Inventory management is a critical part of a good aquaculture software. Efficiency in inventory management will give you a significant competitive edge. With effective control and management over inventory stock, you will be able to: Maximize the return on your inventory investment (food, net and medicine). Know at any time the exact need on inventory - avoid over-purchasing or under-purchasing food and medicine. Maintain an accurate view of your inventory. Be immediately notified when items go below attention or reorder levels. Cut down on operating costs. Save unnecessary expenses.

The facilities provided are:

  • Integrated workflow for purchase orders, inventory transactions, costing.
  • Unlimited number of inventory locations per region.
  • All kinds of transactions are supported: purchasetransfercountdisposal
  • Integration with your ERP system of financial management application is also possible. Automatic calculation of average purchase prices, stock monitoring. 
  • In the case of nets, full traceability to the history of each item (placement in cages, maintenance, etc.).

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