- Social Pet-Raising Simulator


An engaging magical place, home to a community of virtual pets that grow in the hearts and minds of their creators: YOUR CUSTOMERS!

What does it do?

The Aquarium gives guests the chance to create and thoroughly customize their own virtual pet fish. Touch consoles, located at each end of the giant virtual aquarium comprised of several monitors, invite shoppers to customize their pets. The variables available enable guests to create up to 30.000 distinct creatures, so the risk that any two will be identical is minimal! After determining what their new pet will look like, guests get to name it and release it into the Virtual World.

To make sure they grow into happy, healthy friends, the creatures need to be fed and visited, a task that can only be accomplished by checking in at the touch consoles where the aquarium is located. The more you visit your virtual pet, the bigger and happier it grows, and the more you are able to further customize it by adding new features. In addition, a dedicated website is also available so that guests can regularly check up on their pets from home to see how it’s doing.

The aquarium is ideal for shopping venues, events or outdoor public spaces, has been implemented at seven shopping centers in Germany, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal, and was thematically adapted for the Intel stand at Lego World in Denmark for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013).


  • Fosters customer loyalty and repeat visits;
  • Engaging family experience;
  • Platform for promoting one to multiple brands;
  • Didactic and playful - ideal for young audiences;
  • Social media ready.

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