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Inventory Management Software Specifically for Agriculture. Get your Barn/Shop operation under control. BarnManager’s inventory system has been specifically designed to accommodate agriculture materials, such as Insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, sprays and parts such as equipment, pumps and irrigation. BarnManager provides real-time tools for managing inventory in multiple barns/warehouses. With BarnManager, all of your chemicals, Material Safety Data Sheets, Worker Protection Sheets, and equipment data are manageable and in one location. BarnManager makes it easy to maintain control of inventory and manage your barn operations.

BarnManager is an essential tool for any agribusiness.

With this complete, fully scalable system, you will never have to buy software again. BarnManager will continue to grow as your business grows.

BarnManager allows a real-time view of all inventory, transferring of materials between multiple barns or shops, requisitions of new items and management of consignment inventory.

Keep your barn in order and make sure you’re keeping accurate records with these great features:

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Why is BarnManager different?

Integration and Accessibility!

If you already have an accounting system, keep it. There is no need to rip out your existing systems. LandMagic products offer full integration with most third-party software including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Our software also gives you device flexibility to let you choose your own preferred data collection devices.
Bring LandMagic into the field on your mobile devices with MobileMagic, the offline LandMagic extension. Capture important data in the field for upload to LandMagic in the office.

Increase Efficiency!

A variety of applications and reporting to keep your caretaking operation running smoothly. Promote better business practices and a reliable crop management system that’s got you covered.

Supports multiple Languages!

All of LandMagic’s products support English, Spanish, Portuguese and Traditional and Mandarin Chinese. Each user can specify their preferred language and even change specific words to personalize the system. If you don’t like our terminology, simply change it without expensive programming costs. Multiple users within the company can all be operating using different languages with full compatibility.


CropCare is a new generation of software that is accessible anywhere Internet connection is available. No need to worry about downloads. Web-based applications allow you to utilize a username and password to access your information. View our Why Web-based software page for more information.

Get more out of BarnManager with CropCare

Make the most of your BarnManager system by adding on LandMagic CropCare. Now, update inventory and distribute hours to equipment used by creating a work order.

No need to manually adjust your inventory

When you add materials to a work order in CropCare, BarnManager's inventory is automatically updated.

Increases inventory accuracy

We all know how important it is to keep inventory accurate. Using CropCare to create your work orders allows the system to update inventory and track the what, where and when. BarnManager logs history on every inventory action. Keep track of what materials are being used and on what work order.

Don't switch between multiple applications

Switching between multiple applications to access data is inefficient. CropCare pulls in all available inventory data from BarnManager. This gives you real-time access to the data needed to be accurate and efficient when creating a work order.

Speeds up workflow

By integrating these applications you are able to expedite the work order/inventory relationship. Now, simply create a work order, add what is needed, and the system does the rest. We have cut out the lengthy process of manual entry and hand written logs.

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