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Design raceway and cable systems in one product using Bentley Raceway and Cable Management software. Save time and reduce cost with the first and only integrated system for layout, routing, and material estimating. Fast track your next project with automated workflows for conceptual and detailed design phases. Prevent construction delays by using an intelligent 3D model to spot clashes, ensure spacing, and get accurate take offs.

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Meet all of your communication, control, and power cabling needs by using Bentley Raceway and Cable Management to:

  • Support early project planning as well as space and material estimates using a conceptual design mode
  • Speed detailed design with accurate 3D layouts of raceways, duct banks, and cable trenches
  • Improve quality with automatic cable routing functions that account for distance, weight, fill factors, etc.
  • Reduce errors in project deliverables using automatic take offs and 2D prints extracted from the 3D model
  • Increase teamwork and prevent errors by sharing equipment and cable models with other design disciplines

Create cable system models
Develop an integrated model of cables, raceways, trenches, and ducts. Use the model to create fast and accurate drawings and reports such as cable pull cards, cable lists, and cable schedules. Share the cable system model with other Bentley products to improve collaboration with other disciplines.

Design cable raceways
Perform 2D conceptual design by defining equipment nodes and the routes between them to estimate material and space needs. Switch to a 3D detailed design using an equipment catalog, parametric raceway engine, and smart drawing functions to place, route, and edit raceways. Perform clearance checks.

Generate cable and raceway bills of materials
Create reports automatically with a parts database that connects every 2D and 3D object in the intelligent model to the detailed parts data. Publish accurate bills of material, wire length reports, purchase order lists, and more. Update these reports quickly to keep up with design revisions.

Generate cable and raceway construction drawings
Extract 2D drawings from the 3D model to produce precise construction deliverables. Publish 2D section cuts that are dynamically linked with the 3D model to include cable and raceway properties. Eliminate hours of manual updates by simply republishing drawings when design changes occur.

Manage cables
Use automatic or manual routing to find the best path through raceways using different segregation criteria and routing methods. Use cable fill and weight calculations to ensure code limits and constraints are met. Choose from single-layer, multi-layer, triangular, or user-defined laying methods.

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