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To be able to provide an optimal service to your customers you need to provide them with an answer to their question as quickly as possible. Adifo has developed a cloud-based solution “Formulation as a Service” or FaaS that allows companies to safely and quickly provide their customers and employees with the information they require.

BESTMIX Formulation as a Service is a revolutionary cloud-based collaborative platform that is transforming the information interchange between nutrition experts, internal departments and the outside world to the benefit of all parties involved, including feed advisors, external partners and customers.

The solution – securely implemented in the cloud – gives users direct online access to part of a nutrition company’s BESTMIX Database. They can retrieve minute-precise market data, rely on up-to-date equations and use state-of-the-art formulation functionality at any time. Users can also record project or customer-specific data such as purchase costs and specifications.

Adifo’s new Formulation as a Service solution is dramatically improving the collaborative interaction between all parties in the nutrition company’s value chain. For example:

  • Account managers and independent consultants are simulating adaptations to recipes to meet specific customer demands and evaluate immediately the cost impact of their adaptations.
  • Internal departments such as marketing, sales and quality assurance are producing their own data and reports without compromising core data.
  • External interested parties are able to sign knowledge contracts with the nutrition company and take advantage of nutritional know-how.
  • Research centres use the system to unlock their nutritional knowledge to interested parties all over the world.
  • The formulation department is learning about evolving customer preferences by analyzing adaptations made by the client.

The BESTMIX Formulation as a Service platform has the additional advantage of being easy to set up and use. There are no worries for the customer; the solution eliminates the need for setting up and maintaining dedicated laptops for account managers and consultants. Furthermore Adifo backs up the encrypted data and updates the software continuously so you can focus on what you do best.

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