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No matter how challenging the requirements BESTMIX feed formulation software helps you reach the lowest cost whilst respecting all nutritional requirements. Creating the best quality and lowest cost recipes is a major challenge for nutritionists around the world. That’s why Adifo has developed the profit-driven feed formulation software, BESTMIX. The user-friendly BESTMIX software is used in over 500 feed mills worldwide for raw material management, multiblend, ingredient allocation, advanced labeling, bulk blending, … This gives users full control of their formulation requirements, enabling easy management of accurate nutritional values, production parameters and recipe specifications. They can instantly adapt to volatile material costs, ingredient stocks and purchasing positions. The results are perfect recipes that can be translated directly into practical products and synchronized automatically with labelling and safety data.

In short BESTMIX Profit-driven feed formulation software is the ideal tool for formulators to create the best quality feed at the lowest cost, increase efficiency and provide the best customer service.

NEW features

Adifo is constantly developing the BESTMIX Software with the help of our consultants and users around the globe. This means we release 1 or 2 new versions on a yearly basis. We encourage users to renew their version on a regular basis, ensuring they get access to the latest developments to increase efficiency and comply with recent legal requirements in the industry.

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