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- Mobile App


Intuitive and easy to use. The app is very intuitive to use and navigate. The color coding and sounds help with increasing the speed of employees knowing what is to be done with the animal on the list.  The intuitive design minimizes errors while increasing speed.

Available on Google Play

  • Customizable. Easily modify the colors, sounds, and buttons to your liking.  Setting up the large buttons, so the most frequently used are the most prominent can further reduce the time for entry and the ease of use.
  • Breeding. Record a breeding in as little as 2 taps.
  • Treat, Vaccinate, Move. Most events record by scanning or 1-2 taps.  This allows recording by an employee while they do their work, spending the least possible time on entry, and ensuring accurate cowside entry.
  • Real-time cowside records.  Every employee can have real-time cow records, cowside.  Eliminate errant entry and confusion writing down numbers.
  • EID wands.  Every list is set up for the ability to use EID wands.  Using modestly priced EIDs wands, dramatically decrease the time spent looking for animals.

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