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Breeder Information Manager (BIM) Software



The Breeder Information Manager (BIM) offers the most comprehensive functionality available for Breeder flock management. All the necessary tools to manage and analyze flock performance is readily available, such as:

Breeder Info Manager (BIM)

  • Maintain and manage any desired flock data.
  • Provides a daily animal inventory with associated cost.
  • Maintains and updates performance history for key analysis reporting.
  • Provides detailed cost accounting.
  • Flexible Business Intelligence reporting and graphing .

In MTech-Systems latest v7 design, information entry is easy to use and designed to efficiently minimize entry mistakes. Each individual user had the ability to rearrange or simply drag and drop unnecessary fields from their view, making the v7 BIM individually customizable. Lists of standard information are predefined and available so users can simply select most information from provided drop down lists.

Transfer and movement information is more accurate with BIM v7. Because detailed flock and cost information is maintained as a daily inventory, movement information is based on actual numbers, not prorated inventory and cost. This allows increased power to both financial and performance analysis.

  • Flock identity
  • Housing detail
  • Detailed source information
  • Products and services
  • Capitalization information
  • Transfer details
  • Accumulated cost and deprecation

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