Accounts Payable Software



Easy to use accounts payable Checkbook Register window for writing vendor checks, entering deposits, transfers, voided checks or miscellaneous transactions to your checking accounts. Your current (and running) bank balance is always displayed for your reference.

  • One time entry updates for both general ledger and crop cost accounting files. Expenses on one check or invoice may be charged to more than one expense account and/or cost center.
  • Program supports up to 99 bank accounts with automatic transfer and audit trail between accounts.
  • Acreage Split feature allows you to automatically divide expenses or income among multiple cost centers based on acreage.
  • Vendor File Maintenance with name, address, Federal ID number and year to date purchases.
  • Checks written by hand can be entered without printing.
  • Check information, such as the date, check number, description and expense account, may be edited even after the check has been printed if you need to correct entry errors.
  • Bank reconciliation program makes it easy to balance your checkbook.
  • Checks that jam in the printer can easily be voided and reprinted.
  • View vendor check and invoice histories on the screen or on printed reports.
  • Prints miscellaneous, interest and dividend 1099’s at the end of the year.
  • Prints DE-542 report for California independent contractor reporting requirements.
Accounts Payable
  • The Accounts Payable system allows greater control when it comes to your cash flow management.
  • Entry of vendor invoices produces cash management reports and allows you to print checks automatically as they come due or manually one vendor at a time.
  • Batch Payables Check Printing allows you to select the invoices that you want to pay for multiple vendors at one time and print checks in one batch.
  • Automatic Check Printing option can write checks for all bills that are currently due.
  • You can set up recurring invoices that post automatically for rent, leases, loan payments or other bills that are the same from month to month.
  • You can schedule partial payment amounts and dates ahead of time on vendor invoices.
  • Discounts for early payment are automatically calculated and deducted when checks are issued against payables invoices.
  • You can change the payment status of invoices to place them on hold.  Automatic check printing will not pay these invoices.
  • Standard terms (e.g. NET DUE 7 DAYS) and discount terms (e.g. 2%/10, NET 20 DAYS) can be assigned to each vendor account.
  • Statement terms are supported.  (For instance, you receive a statement on the 25th of each month and the invoices listed on the statement are all due 7 days from the date of the statement.)
  • The system can operate on accrual or cash basis.
  • Under accrual basis operation, expenses are posted to the general ledger on the date of the vendor invoices.
  • Under cash basis operation, expenses on vendor invoices are not posted until a check is written to pay the invoice.  At that point, the expenses are posted to the general ledger on the date of the check.

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