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Draft it ARCHITECTURAL is a powerful and easy-to-use, low cost, 2D ARCHITECTURAL CAD software for Building Plan Design appealing to architects, building designers, estate agents.

Why Upgrade to Draft It Architectural?

  • Improved wall drawing
    Easy wall drawing functions to create walls in various styles.
  • Architectural Symbols
    Hundreds of design components, inc. Electrical, Furniture, Heating, Kitchen fittings, Landscape and Plumbing.
  • Automatic 3D Model Viewer
    View and rotate a 3D model calculated from the plan. Zoom and pan around with mouse actions.
  • Low cost lifetime upgrade
    A low, one off upgrade cost to grab these new features and more.
Draft It Architectural CAD Software in Detail

The speed and the ease of creating building plans withDraft it Architecturalcombined with an affordable price tag makes it a logical choice for the home or office user.

The new Draft It Architectural Version 4 is faster and more powerful than previous versions whilst retaining its acclaimed ease of use.

Draft It Architectural CAD Software Features

Contains all of the features of the FREE, PLUS & PRO versions and much more …

  • Wall Dimensions - Automatically add dimensions to walls
  • Wall Joining Tool - Extends and trims two walls together
  • Wall Teeing - Choose whether to tee in at wall intersections
  • Wall Breaks - Specify either 'Return' or 'Thermal break'
  • Place doors in walls, the opening is created and the wall ends are capped. Set Jamb, Sill, angle, swing type etc.
  • 3D DXF Export - Create a 3D DXF model from the drawing for export to other systems

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