Calibrated Vine Vigour Measurement Software


Maximize your grape quality and yield with the world’s most advanced measurement of vine health.

  • Harvest Segmentation : Locate areas in your parcels to increase and improve the production of premium wine and optimize harvest scheduling.
  • Homogenization : Control your vines’ microclimate to improve grape quality and yield.
  • Canopy Management : Identify and reduce variability across parcels for optimal vine balance.
  • Fertilizer Optimization : Target fertilizer applications to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.
  • Irrigation Scheduling : Make informed water management decisions to minimize yield loss due to water shortage or drought stress.
  • PureVine : Evaluate the health of your vineyard’s vine canopy with detailed vigour maps of purely canopy data.
  • VigourZones – Absolute : Track your vineyard’s progress by comparing results between fields and across time.
  • VigourZones – Relative : Assess vigour variability within each parcel, on a relative scale.
  • CoverCrop : Understand the connection between the health of your vines and cover crop conditions
  • True Colour Map : View current, high resolution aerial photos of your vineyard.

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