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Total herd management on the farm and with your breed association. Manage production and performance records right from the Dashboard. The Dashboard lets you access common features of the production records as well as performance data. Just click a button and view the animals in a particular process. Breeding shows all open cows, Pregnancy Checks shows cows that have not been confirmed pregnant and Calving shows a list of all cows due to calve.  Also, the Weaning and Yearling screens show calves that are of age and still needing to have information reported.

Record complete natural service/pasture exposure, AI, and Embryo breedings

The CattleMax Registered edition has full support for natural service, artificial insemination, and embryo transfer breedings.  Pasture exposure is easy with the bull turn-in feature.  AI breeding, whether recorded individually or on a group basis, also enables you to keep track of your cleanup bull.  Embryo transfer breedings keep track of the recipient and her due date, in addition to the donor and sire.  All of this information flows through from breeding to calving.

Reduce time during calving season

Calving season is a busy time of year for any ranch and even more so for registered operations who have to ensure all of the required information is collected for registering newborn calves.  The Calving screen makes it easy to see all of the breedings for a cow including AI, ET, cleanup, and pasture exposure, so you can easily tell which breeding resulted in the new calf.  After clicking the ‘Add Calf’ button, all of the information from the breeding records (sire, dam, donor, conception method, breed, owner, and more) is automatically filled in for the new calf – minimizing keystrokes and saving you time.

  • Keep up with animal inventories including production histories
  • Record breeding and pregnancy information for cows
  • Record weights, heights, and body condition scores
  • Print flyers and advertisements for customers
  • Import and Export information to and from your breed association (where supported)

Collect Weaning and Yearling details and define contemporary groups

Weaning and yearling record keeping is easy with the Weaning and Yearling screens, which enable you to collect weights and heights as well as define your contemporary groups.  Also enter management codes, temperament codes, and other codes collected by your breed association using the pre-defined lists (based on your breed association specified).

Organize cattle into groups for easy management

Though each animal has its own record, we still manage our cattle in groups, work them in groups, and move them in groups. The Smart Groups feature lets you create a group based on a criteria (animal type, status, pasture, category, and more) and ensure this group is automatically updated as cattle records change.

Update your records quickly

Updating animals is just as easy with the Group Update feature. Simply check the checkbox by one or more animals, select a tab from the Group Update bar, and enter the update details. All selected cattle will have their information updated with the details you provide. Group Update areas include Breeding, Medical Treatments, Pasture Movement, Notes, and more.

Complete animal details for the registered herd

Keep track of identification, physical characteristics, raised/purchase information, and notes. Production records include breeding, pregnancy checking, and calving details. Performance records include weights, heights, body condition scores, and more. Also, keep up with your breed association-specific management codes such as calving eases, teat and udder scores, birth codes, pasture codes, and more.

Exchange information with your breed association

The CattleMax breed association interfaces make exchanging information with your breed association easy.  While each beed association has a different set of capabilities, most associations are able to provide an electronic herd inventory containing your active cattle, pedigrees, and performance data.  Some associations also support electronic EPD updates and electronic registration.

Not needing to keep registered cattle information?

If you do not need to keep up with the registered cattle information such as EPDs, pedigrees, embryos, and breed association details, you may want to check out the Commercial Edition. The Commercial Edition includes complete production records including breeding, pregnancy checking, and calvings by due date. Performance data, including weights, body condition scores, and carcass data is also maintained in the Commercial Edition.

Record purchases and sales on the ranch and at the auction

Keep track of purchases for accounting and depreciation purposes.  Also, record animal sales whether cattle are sold at auction or right on the ranch.  At tax time, you can easily generate purchase reports as well as sales reports grouped by raised/purchased status.

Record Medical and Health Treatments

Keep track of preventative treatments as part of your herd health program as well as track individual treatments to sick cattle. Record the basics of date and treatment or get into the details for your Beef Quality Assurance by recording locations, lot numbers, and serial numbers.

Keep up and record notes on customers and service providers

Customer management is important to registered breeders.  Easily record notes from phone calls and ranch visits for easy recall.  Also, all cattle bred by, owned by, purchased from, and sold to a contact can be accessed right from their records in the contacts screen.  All of your information at your fingertips and on one screen.

Create powerful reports and worksheets

Information comes out of CattleMax just as easy as it comes in. Choose from our many pre-defined reports or create your own reports. Each report can be customized to include certain pieces of information as well as certain animals. Worksheets work in a similar manner and are great for printing out for use in the field.

And a few more things CattleMax Registered Edition can do for you…

  • Keep up with EPDs (North America) and EBVs (Worldwide)
  • Record ranch income and expenses
  • Upload animal photos
  • Generate tax-related reports (purchases, sales, death loss)
  • Note observations and comments on individual animals
  • Manage your pastures and record notes on each pasture
  • Schedule events and track historical events with the calendar
  • Input rainfall and track by location
  • Log pasture movements automatically
  • Export information to animal identification agencies (Canada CLTS, Australia NLIS, New Zealand NAIT)

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