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The Problem: How can you cost effectively collect field data that supports your existing enterprise system accurately and in a timely manner, but also have the flexibility to make adjustments to the field collection forms as your business needs evolve?

The Solution

Cengea Solutions has developed a data collection application that works on the Microsoft Mobile platform – Cengea Mobile. Cengea Mobile enables you to align your field data collection needs with your existing enterprise business needs.

The flexibility of our Mobile application allows you to create portable field collection forms that closely match your enterprise business applications. The application allows you to validate field data before it gets uploaded to the enterprise and automates the data exchange process for you so you don’t have to.

The Benefits

Streamline Data Capture

  • Use Cengea Mobile to align your field collection needs with your enterprise system
  • Decrease the need for translating field data to enterprise data
  • Spend less time cleaning your field data

Improve Field Collection Accuracy

  • Improve the accuracy and increase the speed for incorporating new field information into your daily business decision-making
  • Validate data at the field and before it gets loaded into the enterprise

Make Better Decisions

  • Having access to timely and accurate information will help you make better decisions every day

Save Time and Money

  • Making the right decisions with accurate and timely information saves you and your company time and money

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