- CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software for Municipals



CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software is ideal for municipals with small to medium size populations. These smaller organizations can save significant money with CenterPoint Fund Accounting while still retaining the functionality needed to manage their municipal.

  • Track Fund Sources & Expenditures
  • Track Unlimited Funds / Grants
  • Reports Created in the GASB Recommended Format
  • Drill Down to Original Source Entries
  • Departmental Reporting
  • RVS Utility Billing Integration
  • Integrated Payroll
  • Budget vs. Actual Variance Reporting
  • Manage purchases and requisitions
  • Custom Reporting

All this PLUS other featured and standard accounting and payroll functionality.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting Key Features

In-depth Fund Accounting
Fund accounting software users will find the budgeting and reporting process to be particularly strong and easy to customize to their own needs.

Purchase Order Module
Manage purchases and requisitions. Standard or custom reports help users monitor all orders and the appropriate quantities for purchased items. Purchase orders can be easily produced, modified and received and receipt of a purchase order automatically creates an accounts payable transaction for that vendor.

Reports Created in the GASB Recommended Format.
The Statement of Revenue and Expenditures within CenterPoint follows the recommended format by the Government Accounting Standards Board.

RVS Utility Billing
Municipals can streamline processes by implementing the RVS Utility Billing System, which can be directly interfaced with CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Municipals. With over 20 years experience serving the utility industry, RVS has developed a system that efficiently meets the needs of the municipal market.

Integrated Payroll
The unique payroll features CenterPoint offers are evident within the employee setup function in the software. Employees can work for more than one fund and are able to get a single W-2. Taxable wages from all funds are reported on a single 941, simplifying your tax filing processes and saving you time.

New Technology
CenterPoint is built with the latest technology including Microsoft® Visual C#®, and is a .NET Framework-based application, ensuring compatibility as a municipal grows.

Reports Tailored to Your Needs
Customizable reporting in CenterPoint allows you to share your information by exporting your data to a spreadsheet, word processing and other popular formats.

Combine or separate departments within a report--CenterPoint has the ability to compare variances between actual data and the percent of the annual budget that has already been used.

Recommended System Specifications

Operating System: 32–bit or 64–bit* Windows® 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional
Processor speed: 2.5 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM):4 GB
Hard Drive space: 1+ GB free
Monitor: Monitor with at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution
Prerequisites: Microsoft® Windows .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer® 10 (All prerequisites are included with the CenterPoint CD)

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