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Cloud Advanced Flow Software



High-efficiency irrigation equipment makes it hard for landscape to get the amount of water it requires. Cloud Advanced Flow works in conjunction with WeatherTRAK Central to manage restrictive water windows, keeping things running as close to capacity as possible and delivering water where it’s needed within the time available.

  • Reduce your water window times by automatically maximizing flow rates across your site.
  • Improve plant health by ensuring proper watering is optimized even during hot weather spikes.
  • Save valuable time and man-hours with reliable automated water window management.
  • Stay in compliance and optimize irrigation run ties to best fit within restrictive water windows.
  • Improve water efficiency using high-efficiency sprinkler technology while effectively maintaining a smaller water window.
  • Reduce energy costs by decreasing irrigation pump run times.

Easy to install

  • No local radio or phone-based communication infrastructure to install, configure or manage
  • Flexible and intuitive hydraulic tree configuration
  • Multiple controllers share single or multiple points of connection and mainlines
  • Able to manage up to 1,000 station per mainline
  • Create unlimited flow zones in any configuration
  • Support for sub-flow zones
  • Flexible flow programming including station irrigation order prioritization, assign programs to flow zones, and program stacking
  • EPA WaterSense-approved scheduling engine
  • Supports Normally-Open or Normally-Closed master valves

Central and remote management

  • Manage from a browser, anywhere
  • Mobile application for in-field maintenance duties
  • Controller software updates occur automatically from the cloud

Intuitive to use

  • Interactive, adaptive graphical user interface
  • Automatic daily flow rate and electrical optimization based on irrigation pipe infrastructure and number of controllers
  • Flexible irrigation scheduling options

More efficient site management

  • Higher pump efficiency
  • Measure flow, develop baseline and measure progress/against metrics

Optimized scheduling and prioritization

  • Complete site-based flow optimization based on maximum gallons per minute
  • Station-level prioritization

Fault and issue detection

  • Mainline break detection and shutdown
  • Station-specific high flow detection and station shutdown
  • Station-specific low flow detection
  • No-flow detection
  • Advanced Leak detection with smart non-irrigation shutdown

Advanced reporting

  • Usage reports: daily total usage by water source, mainline and point of connection for single or
  • multiple controllers
  • Water budget reports: tracks water budget actuals to targets for accounts and sites
  • Plant type and sprinkler type estimated usage to highlights conservation opportunities
  • Controller runtime analysis report: duration each station runs by year, month, day and minute
  • Site configuration report: controller setting currently or on any date
  • Site configuration change history report: controller setting change history. Shows user name, exact changes made and date and time made


  • Works with all models of WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 or ET Pro3 2-wire controllers
  • WeatherTRAK Cloud Advanced Flow Service requires an active WeatherTRAK Central Service Subscription

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