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Color Designed Annuals Software


Whether you service big box stores or independents, producing large volume with a keen eye on margins is the key to success.  Plant Partner provides automation tools to scale up your information management without overwhelming your staff. Plant Partner has all the production, sales, inventory and account management functions to successfully engage with all the large box stores.


  • Use powerful mixing functions to distribute seasonal goals to specific varieties for easy forecasting.
  • Keep your chain store schedules separate for individual or total company analysis
  • Match up your materials requirements with your chain store accounts so it is easy to order and manage customer specific plastics, labels and tags.
  • Comprehensive combination planter management tools.
  • Easy Excel import and export.
  • Integrated cost analysis for accurate contribution margin calculations


  • Weekly inventory views for Annuals and seasonal inventory views for mums and poinsettias.
  • Dynamic availability feeds automated assortments and replenishment.
  • Keep inventory segregated for each box store for customer specific availability and accurate pulling.
  • Orders are automatically allocated to ready inventory lots when you print pulling documents for efficient pulling by area.
  • Integrate contract grower availability.


  • Powerful replenishment analysis and integration to box store data
  • Combination cart planning for efficient bulk pulling.
  • Automated assortments that fill racks evenly.
  • Powerful mass updating of orders and substitution processing.
  • Mobile order verification by cart.
  • EDI integration by customer SKU

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