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The CompuWeigh System is a state of the art weighing application. The application continues to expand based on industry and customer demands. With a standard user interface across all screens, the application is very user friendly.

The CompuWeigh System is an integrated Account, Truck, Transaction, Reporting, Posting (to external and optional integrated accounting package) and Shift Totals management tool.

With a standard user interface, the user controls at the bottom of the page appear on all edit windows. These controls allows the end user to easily search, filter, save and browse through their data.

The Search button allows a user to search for specific data relating to a record. The user can use the Search function to look up information based on any field in the database.

The Filter buton allows a user to drill down on a specific type of field. For example, a user could utilize the Filter function to only view customers who are in a specific zip code or have a specific bill cycle. Multiple criteria can be selected in order to narrow down the filter.

The user can use the remaining buttons to manuever through the data. You have the ability to move forward, backward, to the first record, to the last record and also save a record.


The Account Edit window along with its multiple tabs, allows a user to control certain aspects of the individual customer. This window contains information from the company name, address and phone number to the type of materials this customer is allowed to bring into the facility. Each customer can be setup with its own rates and configuration within your facility.

The user has the ability to create letters, envelopes and mail merge directly from within the software. This will assist your organization with sending out mailers to your customers to advise them of upcoming facility closings, rate changes, etc.

The customer has the ability to assign account specific functionality for the software. The account can have account specific rates, account defaults, accounting limits, and the ability to add notes that will appear on the scale operators screen when a vehicle associated with this account pulls onto the scale.


The Truck Edit window along with its multiple tabs, allows a user to control certain aspects of the individual vehicle. This window contains information from the company that this vehicle is assigned to down to the tare weight of the vehicle. Each vehicle can be setup with its own default criteria to allow for faster processing at the scale house.

A vehicle's tare weight can be updated in a number of different ways. One way is a simple update by the scale operator when the tare weight expires. Paradigm Software has also developed a detailed tare expiration process by entering a date range to require the truck to obtain a new tare weight. In addition, the system can be configured to require a certain number of new tare weights and the system will take an average of those tare weights. Additionally, the system can require that the tare weights captured are within a threshold of the previous tare weight before the tare weight is used in the calculation of a new tare weight.

The customer has the ability to assign truck specific functionality for the software. The truck can have truck defaults, assignment of RFID tag, and the ability to add notes that will appear on the scale operators screen when the vehicle pulls onto the scale.


The Transaction Edit window details all information about the transaction as it occured at the scale house. The system captures all data entry fields at the time of transaction processing. The user can make transaction modifications (with appropriate rights) from this edit window. In addition, the user see the driver's signature (with the Signature Capture Module), reprint the transaction or subset of transactions, and see if the transaction has been posted to accounting.


The General Report Writer is a very powerful tool. Once you have been trained by our staff on this tool, you to will agree this is a built-in report writer that allows superior reporting capabilities. The user has access to all fields within the database and can create, save, recall, print, and export reports right from one location. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or to a dilimited file. You have complete access to the data within your application. Pair a second to none report writer with the ability to incorporate Crystal Reports into the application and you have an awesome package.


The Posting window along with its multiple tabs, allows a user to export transactional data from the CompuWeigh System into our optional integrated Accounts Receivable and Aging Module or to your third party accounting package. Paradigm Software will create a custom export containing the data you require to be imported into your accounting system and incorporate that into the software. Each day, week, month, or other bill cycle export you need to perform from our system will be quick and easy. This file will be created in the same format every time in order to eliminate duplicate entry into your accounting package. Paradigm has experience in exporting data to a number of accounting packages such as Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon, JD Edwards, QuickBooks, municipal billing systems, and many more.


The Shift Totals window will allow management a quick and convenient dashboard to view totals information for their site(s). This dashboard requires that the system be running on a network or with our Message Queuing Module in order to see up to the minute totals from one or all of your sites.

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