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Actionable insight to manage harvest in real time, from load tracking to yields to payment. This is your payday. Understand yield and current bin inventory status at all times. There’s no time for mistakes. Conservis Harvest helps you track and manage your resources during the busiest time of year—from field to storage to delivery. Spend less time entering data and resolve issues as they arise. Detailed reports are a few clicks away, so it’s easy to keep partners and stakeholders in the loop.

Manage harvest efficiently
Get people and equipment where you need them with no waiting

  • Harvest in the best sequence to reduce costs
  • Understand the status of all labor, combines, grain carts, and trucks
  • Identify problems in real time for resource accountability

Get paid for every load
Track grain from the moment it leaves the field to final delivery

  • Monitor current delivery status by truck
  • Eliminate loss due to misassigned loads, missing tickets or theft
  • Track all loads by contract haulers and validate billings

Make better marketing decisions
Oversee inventory, yields and contracts in one place

  • See contract positions by crop, quality and owner
  • Know the quantity, quality and moisture of goods in storage
  • Estimate deliveries against contracts, filled and unfilled

Improve transparency with stakeholders
Simplify payment with accurate information for landowners and crop insurance

  • Easily create reports that split crops by owners and entities
  • Share ownership reports at any point in the distribution process
  • Reconcile deliveries with settlements
  • Have the right data to ensure insurance claims are paid

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