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Cattledata constantly monitors the status of individual animals from the time they enter the system until they depart. CATTLEdata can be applied to suckler cows and their progeny, purchased store and finisher enterprises. It can also apply to dairy herds where dairy replacement and youngstock control is required. In addition many dairy units which use NMR or CIS for milk records use CATTLEdata to give detailed movement, health and calving records as well as up to date service schedules on the farm.

  • Direct Link to BCMS Webservices
  • BCMS Audit Report
  • List of Registrations due and 30 month warning on start up 
  • 30 Month Schedule
  • Movement, Health, Pharmacy and Retagging Books
  • Electronic Eartag Data Capture
  • Bar Code Input of Data
  • Windows Mobile Module 
  • Weighings
  • Management Information
  • Full Traceabilty of all Animals, Live or Dead.

Constant Monitoring.

CATTLEdata constantly monitors the status of individual animals from the time they enter the system until they depart. Health and movement records are maintained to give up to date information on any animal or group of animals

Simple to set up and operate.

Written specifically for windows, operation and data recording is simple and fast. Recording can either be on an individual animal basis or if preferred, by groups of animals. Bar Code Readers can be used to speed the entry of animal records accurately. The capability to download from electronic recorders and weighing systems also ensures speed an accuracy. The Windows Mobile module lets you take the program out and about.

Setting up the system requires a one off entry of the background information on the cattle. This can be done in minutes using the BCMS download facility. Normal events are then entered as and when they occur. Calving, Purchases, Sales, Services, etc. can all be entered on a daily or weekly basis.

Calf Registration and Premium Claim schedules are available on request. The Calf Registrations and Movements Records can be sent direct to BCMS using BCMS Webservice or by e-mail from the program.


Required reports such as the Movement Book, Medicine Book, Retagging Records, Herd Registers, Continuous Herd Count and Livestock Unit Calculation are pre-set within the program and available on demand for any selected date or time scale. A range of other useful reports such as animal lists, calving and PD schedules, 30 month schedules and stock audits are also pre-set.

A powerful User Defined reporting function enables users to design reports to meet their own individual requirements.

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