Cool Farm Tool (CFT)

Cool Farm Tool (CFT)

Cool Farm Tool for Growers


The Cool Farm Tool is designed to help growers understand and measure your carbon footprint. By using the tool, you gain insight into the impact of your various operations on the environment, and it therefore helps you to optimize the management decisions you make on-farm. The benefits can be measured both in terms of sustainability and productivity – sometimes lowering greenhouse gas emissions equates to lower energy use which means lower costs.

Growers' use of the CFT demonstrates to customers an engagement in sustainability and can be used to track continuous improvement. It is easy to use and most of the data needed will be from information captured elsewhere on the farm.

The CFT requires general information about your farm, such as crop area, yield, soil type, fertilizer and inputs, as well as some detailed information on electricity and fuel use (for field operations and primary processing). The results page provides a summary of greenhouse gas emissions as well as a detailed breakdown, so you can see what contributes the most and target reduction activities accordingly.

Often win: wins can be identified – increasing the composting facility on a livestock farm can reduce methane emissions and provide an additional revenue stream in the form of compost for sale. The CFT will help quantify the greenhouse gas reduction of this management decision.

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