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Precise nutrient data for consistent, predictable product performance. CoreSample nutrition software is an ingredient and finished goods sample management and analytics solution that helps feed mill manufacturers and millers confidently understand nutrient composition. The accurate data provided can reduce instances of over-formulation to lower costs, and reduces under-formulation to meet label claims. The result is more consistent and predictable product performance.

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CoreSample helps your team.

Quality Control and Regulatory

  • Gain assurance that the nutrient composition of ingredients used in formulations are to the specifications agreed upon. If specifications are not met, CoreSample™ helps you identify opportunities to file claims

Formulators and Nutritionists

  • Create and formulate diets with the utmost confidence that ingredients being used contain accurate nutrient levels.


  • Procurement teams can easily and effectively analyze the nutrient values of the ingredients coming from their suppliers and utilize this information to drive purchasing decisions.


CoreSample works by providing real-time access to a shared database of ingredient sample analyses taken from incoming loads of ingredients from Cargill plants and participating customer locations. It leverages data that the industry is already collecting.

The shared database contains two million ingredient samples, analyzed annually. We segregate data by supplier and specific location, as every processing plant is different and produces an ingredient of unique composition.

Key advantages:

  • Enables sharing of the cost of testing with other participants in the program
  • Provides ongoing test/no-test recommendations for each incoming load of ingredients from the specific supplier/location.
  • Offers the statistical analysis of the results, using time-weighted averaging, to provide precise nutrient data to your formulation system. This results in timely and accurate nutrient values used in creating finished products.
  • Summarizes nutrient analysis data by specific suppler and specific supplier/ location combinations

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