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The Ag-Finance Accounting System is a total financial system developed specifically for agricultural, agri-business operations & service based businesses. The flexibility of the Finance program meets the needs of most farm or Agri-business situations. The Ag-Finance Accounting System is designed for a cash or accrual accounting system. Either one gives accurate & comprehensive records. Book & market value accounting is included in the software. This system not only tracks income & expenses, but quantities, prices, fix & variable costing, budgeting, cash flow reporting along with meaningful management reports.

If you can hand write a check, a deposit, an invoice…this system is for you, the bonus is the great management information you receive with entering information you already do by hand. It’s simple, flexible, powerful & just right for your business.

WinOne VB is a full function accounting system for agriculture, agri-business or service based business. Cash or accural, book & market value accounting reports. With a payroll program geared for businesses with 1-5 employees. WinOne VB provides a basic invoicing program for sales using items or accounts. A basic accounts payable module is included for accrual based users as well.

Not only does WinOne VB provide check-writing capabilities, it also generates labor reports, state & federal forms (W-2, W-3, 940, 941, etc.), different methods of payment, & 8 different payroll deductions.

Traditional business inventory tracking is not currently support with WinOne VB or WinOne VB+. Our inventory / order entry system will be released in 3rd quarter of 2008.

WinOne VB +…is a full function accounting program with the same features as WinOne VB with an expanded payroll module which includes processing of larger number of employees, by groups, crews. Pay by task (job description with a pay rate), hourly, salary, piece meal, commissions.

The Ag-Finance Accounting System will:

  • Increase the availability of information
  • Increase accuracy
  • Improve management control & planning
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve profits
  • Track quantities & pricing of income & expense accounts
  • Report breakeven price & yield levels
  • Regular / Livestock checks (head & lbs per head needs of livestock producers)
  • Budget building
  • Enterprise & overhead costing. (profit centers, crop, field, livestock etc)
  • Unique off the books tracking of produced inventory…crop, livestock
  • Reconcile your bank statements

The Ag-Finance Accounting System is flexible and easy to use, with features like:

  • Help messages throughout the program
  • Easy screen movement & controls
  • Escape to exit anywhere in the program
  • Fast reports easy to follow & readily available information
  • Regular calendar or fiscal year reporting.
  • On-the-fly creating of payees, customers, accounts, etc.

The need for accurate information is essential for a successful operation

Ag-Finance will help the novice or experienced user:

  • Comply with tax reporting requirements.
  • Measure financial success & progress over a given time.
  • Establish a factual basis for comparison with
    • Past Years
    • Goals that have been set and/or
    • With the performance of other comparable operations.
  • Aid in planning for the future by providing data that will help estimate the effectiveness of operational changes or economical conditions of the business.
  • Aid in obtaining credit or loans.

You need up-to-the-minute information on daily transactions & reports to manage a business effectively. Financial statements summarize daily transactions in ways that are meaningful for decision making.

With the aid of the computer & the Ag-Finance Accounting System any farm operation, regardless of size or experience, can have the best management tools available. The accounting system utilizes traditional accounting formats that anyone can understand.

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