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Individual animal management is the underlying principle of Cow Sense products and services. Advances in science and technology provide enhanced tools to make individual animal management easier to adopt. Cow Sense products are focused on adapting these technologies at the farm and ranch, the 'non-confined' area of beef production.

In the late 1970's and early 80's automated identification technology revolutionized the way goods and merchandise were identified, priced, inventoried and transported.  The beef industry, too, has automated and computerized while implementing individual animal management systems. Farmers and ranchers recognize the potential of reliable, cost-effective means of automating animal identification and positively tracking performance and genetics.  Source and process verification, too, are now important elements of beef production.

A key tool in this new approach to beef production is electronic identification (EID).  With EID, animals are permanently identified within a few hours of birth and retain this identification through harvest.  EID provides a means to automate data acquisition and positively connect data elements collected at different points in the production chain.  Midwest MicroSystems has forged relationships with manufacturers of EID products and offers integrator pricing to Cow Sense customers. If you are currently using, or considering using electronic identification for your cattle, please contact us.

Cow COMM's Auto Sort Function

Make better management decisions based upon objective measures - uniformly applied while you work cattle. Cow COMM™ uses data collected chute-side to sort cattle into management groups as you work, using pre-defined criteria. You will set up sorting criteria before processing cattle using stored or chute-side data. Cow COMM will then call the animal's appropriate management group. The typical use of the custom sort is in culling cows or bulls and selecting replacements. That's true value added!!

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